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Subway Surfers is an endless runner game. In this game, players have to run away from authorities on a busy train route. Gross speed and rapid reaction time abilities are required to play. However, this game is just like the Temple Run, with several major twists that really make this game a much more enjoyable experience in many ways.

All the right elements like; a pleasant universe, lively graphics, and fast-paced are combined in this game. Along with that Mild violence, criminal themes, advertising, and Facebook connectivity is also reviewed in this game which makes it PG (parental guidance) for children under 15. This game is running one of the few games that manage to stand out.

Some parents observe this game as an attraction towards breaking the law because the title of this game shows the character clearly knowing that he should not be vandalizing the train with graffiti, as he cautiously looks around between sprays.

Additionally, the collectibles come dangerously close to speeding on-coming trains along the train lines. Since this game is pretty bright and colorful, with attractive-looking animated characters, this could trivialize illegal activity for some.

Subway Surfers Game Reviews

Game Description

Subway Surfers starts with the main character illegally spray painting the part of a train. After tapping the screen, a guard or police officer comes into view and the main character starts running away from that guard.

Players have to run beside the train line, dodging fast-moving on-coming trains and running along the tops of them, at the same time gathering the collectibles such as coins and particular items. Coins can be used to purchase hoverboards and new characters. Keys can also be collected which lets the player carry on the current run if they get caught.

The main aim of this game is to run as far as possible (the level is infinite) without hitting a train or any other objects and getting caught by the guard or police officer.

All actions are made by swiping the screen (move left and right, up (jump), and down (roll under), and to fire up a hoverboard, you can use the spacebar button. Just gross speed and fast response time skills are obligatory to play.

ACCM (Australian Council on Children and the Media) does not recommend it to children under 13 due to the criminal nature of this game (and saturated advertising and Facebook features) also parental guidance is advised for children aged 13 to 15.

Subway Surfers is one of the best time killers and one can play it in the breaks at work odd, and even at home.

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Game Feature

When you open the game App “Subway Surfers”, you have to enter your month and date of birth as usual to start the game and accept the terms and conditions to start playing. Then you will see some control icons on the screen.

On the top of the home screen there are ‘mission’, ‘daily challenge’, and ‘settings’ options and on the bottom of the screen ‘friends/top run’, ‘Me’, and ‘shop’ are mentioned. You have to tap on the screen to start playing.

Here is the detail about the above-mentioned features of the game.


Every mission of the game has three tasks and rewards the player with an extra point multiplier. Basically put, the more missions you complete, the sooner you acquire new points.

subway mission

Daily Challenges

Almost all social and mobile games usually use an approach that can be “daily rewards”. The developers insist the players come back by granting them in-game currency or rewards through it.

subway daily challenges

In this game to receive a reward, the player must compile some words from letters on the track. The challenge takes less than five minutes, but it is enough to draw the player’s interest to the level board where the results of his or her friends display so that it may prove to be a strong motivator.


In this feature, players can off/on the game music, sound effects, reminders, top run friends, and also can connect to the Facebook account.

Levelboard/ Friends

Through this, the player can see his/her friend’s records and activity in-game.


In this feature, a player can change and purchase the characters, boards. This game features an exciting amount of different characters and hoverboards. Some items and characters in Subway Surfers cannot buy from the in-game currency you have to collect mentioned number of objects on that character.

Definitely, boards are the core feature of Subway Surfers. Most of the time, the character runs, but instead of rolling, he can also increase some kind of a skateboard that hovers. you can also buy Bonuses and upgrades with in-game currency.


To increase the in-game currency you can purchase the coins from this feature. In the store of Subway Surfers, there are several deals for the players.

Regular Updates

The developers make graphic alterations to the track and add new characters every month. You can access some of the fresh characters in the period of 30 days. These updates make the players return to Subway Surfers repeatedly just to observe what has changed this time.



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