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September 6, 2021
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We all like to keep some things hidden from people, and sometimes only using a screen lock isn’t enough. Situations like these deserve tremendous measures or rather a simple app named AppLock.

AppLock App Review
AppLock App Review

AppLock as the name suggests is a very clear-cut approach, it locks apps. But additionally, it also locks out choose features and settings.

These include

  • Calls
  • Wi-Fi
  • Mobile Data
  • Bluetooth
  • Gallery
  • Installing or Uninstalling apps etc

AppLock is the easiest way for other people to have access to your phone without allowing them to dive into areas that you do not desire them to see. For the first time when you open the app, it prompts you to create a pattern and set up your email.

Once you have constructed your unlock pattern, then you are carried to the main screen which lists all the apps you can lockout. Simply select which app you want to be locked out and it’s protected.

App Description

Locking select features and apps can be personalized to a great extent through this app. The user can form Lock Profiles specially made for situations where the phone might be handled by a guest or a child or by the user themselves. The premium version can activate these profiles automatically at particular times or based on location, consuming GPS tracking.

It chooses to lock select Apps, Settings, and Functions easily but does not lock or secure your complete device. There are customizable lock profiles for you as well as guests or children. Photo / Video vault feature available for keeping private media safe from prying eyes.

There is a choice between numeric and pattern locks in this app. Users can set only one master lock to unlock every feature and a separate lock for each app is not possible. If the user forgets the PIN then the forgotten PIN can be recovered via email.

AppLock Description

The paid version of this app provides added functionality like Location-based and timed lock profiles, random keyboard. This app cannot be disabled by task killer apps thus ensuring maximum security.

Instructions for usage not clearly mentioned in this app so, the settings layout is not very user-friendly also the method to purchase premium version very ambiguous. The Applock requires the user to download multiple modules to expand functionality.

How does it work?

After installing the app for the first time, the user is approached with the request to setup a PIN, and on setting the same PIN the user is granted access to the app. There are 2 tabs on the top of the home screen, one is Privacy, and the other is Protect. The privacy tab (open by default) has a list of apps and settings that the user can choose to lock manually or select all.

The second tab called Protect offers the user the basic settings for AppLock Viz. The unlock settings, advanced security features, security question (in case PIN or pattern is forgotten), etc.

The user can set either a numeric passcode or a Pattern lock under unlock settings. However, keep in mind the app supports only one master lock for all apps and settings. Additionally, locking the whole device was also not there among the options.

AppLock feature

There is an option to setup contingency measures in case the passcode is forgotten is present under the same tab. A security question and “Advanced Protection” options are available to send the passcode to the selected email address. This protection feature also prevents the users from deleting AppLock from their devices without a password.

AppLock also gives support for themes and customization for the lock screen with images from the user’s image gallery. However, additional modules must be downloaded to access themes and advanced protection features.

Further features of AppLock include the Quick-Lock widget, a shortcut of which can be placed on the notification bar. Also, the premium version unlocks several features like Fake covers, Random Keyboard, and the option to hide AppLock from the list of apps installed.

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AppLock App Features

Photo Vault

The users can choose private photos from the gallery to keep hidden under this feature. So that the hidden photos will not be present in the gallery and can only be accessed and shared through the photo vault.

Video Vault

Works in the same way as the Photo Vault but it is used to hide videos from the gallery.


The users can view and edit different lock profiles as well as set the one which suits the situation.

Time Lock

This is a premium feature that allows the user to set a particular lock profile at a particular time of day.

Location Lock

This is another premium feature that sets a different lock profile based on the user’s GPS locations.

What's new

  • Optimized function, better experience!


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